Begun in 1988 as a Feeding Centre and a Nursery School, with five children who had been abandoned by their parents at Kibera. The place was a marshy dumpsite that was a haven of thugs a dumping ground for aborted babies. It was a long struggle to reclaim the land which today hosts the best school in Kibera slums.
Chrispinus Okumu
Founder, Director and Pastor
Soweto Academy

Joan Okumu
Assistant Director
Soweto Academy
A word from the founder:
Education is the most precious gift a nation can give to its children, and a church can give to its members. Whether you live in an up-scale estate, middle class estate, or even city slums, you need education in order to live and socialize with other people harmoniously. In 1983 after I graduated from Bible College the Lord spoke to me about Kibera, which I had not known before. When I inquired about Kibera, I was told that it is a slum that is full of thugs, muggers, and prostitutes. My school and college mates discouraged me that if I went there I would die a poor man. I could not listen to them because I new that the one who had spoken to me, the (Lord) was faithful and a re-warder of them that diligently seek Him.(Hebrews 11:6)
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